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Jul 10,  · The iPhone LCD Tester Device runs about $ per kit. Because so many clients have expressed their interest, we’ve been purchasing them in bulk from Asia and have them available for sale. For the same $ elsewhere, we include a few replacement chips and flex Dustin Jones. Voltage Tester, Binwo High Precision USB Power Monitors Multi meter Ampere Current Meter with LCD Display for Anker Solar Panel Charger, Dizaul Solar Power Bank, Cell Phone iPhone Solar Chargers . You can test the pixels, touch, pinch, move, multi-touch on 6s and beyond. Remember, aftermarket replacement screens DO NOT provide the moisture seals, response, and drop performance so please use Apple Care or a Certified replacement brand such as eVero. Your iPhone is worth it. Enjoy, have fun.

17 Secret iPhone Interrogation Codes |

Like all other famous gadgets, your iPhone has its own secrets. These short codes will either uncover hidden menus or act as direct commands.

They provide additional information about your device and tweak current settings. Some settings can be also modified from your traditional iOS Settings app.

However, if you wish to be one step a head and impress your friends with your superior iPhone knowledge, read on and get the most important secret codes available for your iOS device. Do note, that some tricks might not work with all carriers.

It depends on the features made available by each telecommunication company, iphone lcd test. Simply open the Phone app and tap on keypad. Now, input one of the available codes. This depends if the combination addresses a carrier setting or your own device. If you consider these codes helpful please share! IMEI is required when filling a complaint to the police and when addressing the insurance company. You can uncover the numerical value of your cell phone signal and read data about surrounding cell towers.

If you tap on the numerical valued carrier signal, available in the top left corner of your screen, you can switch between graphic and numerical display. Numerical values are always negative. Call barring is used to protect yourself from accidental calls when you allow your child to play with your iPhone, for example. You could partially solve the problem by turning on Airplane Mode. However, this can be turned back off easily by anyone. Instead use the above codes to block or unblock all outgoing calls.

The second and other callers will be cued in the waiting line, iphone lcd test. Use the nearby mentioned secret code and interrogate your iPhone about its current call forwarding settings. Besides voice data, you can also check out forwarding for data and faxes.

Use the other codes to check call forwarding status, when phone is out of reach or when busy. Anonymity status can be checked with the first of the first code provided above. To initiate an anonymous call you can either edit your contact or directly use your iPhone keypad to add the 31 code in front of the dialed phone number. It also burns a little more battery life, iphone lcd test. What if i lock my iphone and i foggot the pascodes, there is any order way to open or reset it without conecting it to computer.

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iphone lcd test


Aug 27,  · ‎Buying checklist that must download when you buy iPhone/iPad. Test and check most of the iOS device functions to ensure that device is working properly. This app will help you perform hardware test on the iOS device. You can also use this app to /5(8). LCD Display Touch Screen Digitizer Tester Board Tool for iPhone 5 5S 5C 6G 6 Plus 6S 6S Plus 7 7 Plus with wall charger & PCB Board Brand new and good quality LCD display touch screen digitizer tester board tool for iPhone 6s plus This tool is to test the condition of the touch screen digitizer, whether it is good or bad, workable or unworkable. Im looking for a universal LCD and Digitizer tester. I can not find it anywhere. Can it be right that i need to buy each and every phone on the marked to test LCD and Digitizers after repair? Is there not a machine out there somewhere where you can change cables on, so you can test more then one.